Note — Jun 07, 2020

The End of Efficiency

An issue of Ana Andjelic’s newsletter on the focus on efficiency, how that’s proving brittle1, and on the five de-efficiency shifts: De-Massification, de-specialization, decentralization, improvisation, and community-fication.

[1] She doesn’t use that word specifically but does mention Cascio’s BANI framework I linked to in issue No.126 and which does start with brittle.

Longchamp, Breitling, and hand-made Japanese denim Momotaro also invest in vertically integrated, local, and self-sufficient production and make it the core pillar of their branding. […]

Best talent doesn’t define themselves through roles or specializations (like social media manager or copywriter or a PR person). They bring value to the organization through their ability to grow its business, move the wider culture, and help others do their job better. […]

Companies in the industries from fine food wholesale to restaurants to fashion retailers to bodegas are forced to improvise to keep their business going. Restrictions create new outputs, forms of working, and business models.