Note — Feb 03, 2019

‘Everything Is Not Going to Be Okay’: How to Live with Constant Reminders that the Earth Is in Trouble

A surprising piece at the Washington Post. Read it not to learn about the latest horrifying numbers (you won’t) but to think about how we live with these changes and go forward.

You’re sitting at your desk, or on the subway, and deep in the southern Indian Ocean, blue whales are calling to each other at higher pitches, to be heard over the crack and whoosh of melting polar ice. What do you even do with that? […]

Being alive right now means rethinking boundaries, pushing on the walls of your imagination. It means feeling around in this world for another one. […]

Hold the problem in your mind. Freak out, but don’t put it down. Give it a quarter-turn. See it like a scientist, and as a poet. As a descendant. As an ancestor.