Note — Dec 20, 2020

Experimenting With GPT-3 Felt Like Witnessing a Technological Revolution

This article is imperfect, coming from too rosy an outlook, yet even though I've paid only peripheral attention to GPT-3 and have yet to read much of what I've put aside, this one is definitely the first piece to make me fill out the form to get access and try some things out. Smith also goes over some of the limits, potential, risks of misuse, and OpenAI’s policies.

I’ve seen a lot of technologies, and I’ve done a lot with A.I. after working in the field for over a decade. I can say with no irony or hyperbole that GPT-3 is the most important technical object I’ve seen since the internet itself and certainly the most significant artificial intelligence technology created in this millennium. […] 🤔

Writing a GPT-3 prompt is a bit like writing a recursive function as a programmer. You start by imagining the output that the function will return and then work backward and keep coding until it actually does return that output. […]

Because GPT-3 has no knowledge of current events, it couldn’t report accurately on a breaking news event. But it could provide commentary on the importance of a news event based on its existing knowledge of previous, similar events.