Note — Apr 28, 2019

Forget About Artificial Intelligence, Extended Intelligence Is the Future

It’s a short piece so there are spots that would have warranted expansion instead of a quick formulation but still, I agree with Ito’s main idea here. Considering our place in complex systems of systems, instead of the Singularitarian view of AI it would be better to aim for extended intelligence and to “design systems that participate as responsible, aware and robust elements of even more complex systems.”

We need to embrace the unknowability – the irreducibility – of the real world that artists, biologists and those who work in the messy world of liberal arts and humanities are familiar and comfortable with. […]

In order to effectively respond to the significant scientific challenges of our times, I believe we must respect the many interconnected, complex, self-adaptive systems across scales and dimensions that cannot be fully known by or separated from observer and designer.

Found via this John thackara tweet which is also worth pondering:

Welcome insights from Joi - although I’d re-phrase this to say that extended intelligence already exists - in the biosphere as a living system. Our future is about (re)connecting with that reality more than building a new layer from scratch.