Note — Aug 11, 2019

Forget Synthetic Meat, Lab Grown Dairy Is Here

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Goes over a few startups who are trying to replicate whey and casein to develop better dairy-free product (or cow-free dairy?). Interesting directions, similar to Impossible Foods who based their plant-based meat product on the heme molecule found in hemoglobin.

Rather than forego the taste of real cheese and dairy for poor vegan substitutes, the pair decided to invent their own version of the real thing. The startup focused on the well-worn food path of microbial fermentation—harnessing custom yeast and bacteria to grow the proteins that make milk taste like milk. […]
Though it’s still early days, Perfect Day contends its proteins require 98% less water and 65% less energy than that required to produce whey from cows. […]

More: Last year I partnered with CloudRaker on their “thoughts” articles and the one about protein stores was a personal favourite.