Note — Aug 30, 2020

How to Foster ‘Shoshin’

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Using words in another language to represent a topic is something I both love (those words!) and have grown tired of. This piece is about cultivating a beginner’s mind, published at Psyche, an offshoot of Eon, it’s actually presented as a guide so if you’re interested in those kinds of details, it’s worth a look for how it’s split in sections (“need to know,” “what to do,” etc.), an aside with the key points, and “learn more” as well as “links & books.”

The author covers explanatory depth, which is much like the Feynman technique, but he also cites research showing that you can simply explain the topic to yourself and get results. Confirmation bias, and how having a growth mindset (not the school version) can help.

Worth pondering for our current times, as it can be read as a series of methods to be more mindful of what you know, don’t know, and how you act accordingly to be better aware and informed.

By practising being flexible rather than dogmatic, more humble and less brazen, you will be sensitive to other people’s perspectives and needs. […]

Conversely, if you see intelligence as something to be developed, then finding holes in your knowledge is not so threatening: instead, it opens up exciting new opportunities for learning. […]

Try to be more aware of this ‘confirmation bias’, and deliberately counteract it by debating with yourself – look for evidence or arguments that challenge your current perspective.