Note — Jul 04, 2021

A Framework for The Metaverse

First part in a series by Matthew Ball, whom I see as the Ben Thompson of the Metaverse, where he sets the stage for the collection by revisiting industrialization, cars, and the mobile internet, to properly place the scale and breadth of what he means when he writes about the Metaverse. The actual framework part is towards the end, where he lists “eight core categories, which can be thought of as a stack.” Much of the ‘The Metaverse Primer’ is already online and starts with one essay for each category.

[W]e need to think of the Metaverse as a sort of successor state to the mobile internet. […]

The internet was once envisioned as the ‘Information Superhighway’ and ‘World Wide Web’. Neither of these descriptions were particularly helpful in planning for 2010 or 2020, least of all in understanding how the world and almost every industry would be transformed by the internet.