Note — Apr 17, 2022

Funding the Third Horizon

I’m realising that this issue is turning into the “not a completely new topic but a useful addition” issue. Oups. Here Cassie Robinson presents the Three Horizon Model for an audience of funders. If you know and perhaps use the model, still a good read where you might find some good tips on presenting it. If you don’t know, it’s a good intro. And although Robinson is writing for philanthropic funders, her rationale can be applied to all kinds of people with money (like clients or bosses who give the go-ahead to your projects) who can benefit from understanding different ways of envisioning futures. The last quote below is also something valuable to keep in mind.

Those three lens’ or perspectives are three different patterns of activity and the interaction between those three patterns of activity can all be sensed in the present. How these weave together and play out against each other over time creates the future. […]

The third horizon is the visionary perspective — someone who has got a sense of a very different world. They are committed to standing for something different, showing that it is possible in the present to live this way. And they try to encourage us that maybe we can all live that way. […]

“The three horizons patterns are in all of us. I am a 1st horizon manager because I like the trains to run on time. I rely on these big systems continuing to be reliable. I’d like them to be more efficient and I complain when they fail but I want them to exist. So I’ve got a 1st horizon personality. I’ve got a second horizon personality — I’m full of ideas for improving things which are not going to change the world but will make my life easier. And I’ve got a visionary personality. I invest my visionary personality in certain domains. For every person in the room, there are actually three people.”