Note — Apr 12, 2020

Getting Compound Interest on Your Thoughts

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I’m still unconvinced about Roam, there are just too many little visual details bugging me. This interview with its founder, Conor White-Sullivan, shows that there’s some solid thinking going on behind the scenes and the type of reading, thinking, connecting, and synthesizing it’s built for is very much my kind of thing, and likely of interest for many of the readers here.

I eventually figured out that a simpler problem to solve was: how does one person take 20 different people they’re reading and start to create some sort of synthesis or math-like map of the idea space, across a bunch of different books that they’re reading, or a bunch of different observations or conversations that they’re having, and gradually be able to index into the individual things? […]

You need to have a habit of tagging something as a to-do to synthesize the idea further, and then periodically go back and review those and write them in a more crisp language, or build up your evergreen notes so that you have this library of thoughts that you are able to get that compound interest on.