Note — Dec 09, 2018

A Green New Deal Is a Winning Climate Strategy

Robinson Meyer with some of the reasons why a Green New Deal might work for Democrats. Basically: it’s a more enticing vision than regular climate policies, and “green job for anyone who wants one” can be a hook to draw in and then convince voters to defend the deal.

The Green New Deal aims to get us there—and remake the country in the process. It promises to give every American a job in that new economy: installing solar panels, retrofitting coastal infrastructure, manufacturing electric vehicles. In the 1960s, the U.S. pointed the full power of its military-technological industry at going to the moon. Ocasio-Cortez wants to do the same thing, except to save the planet. […]

The BAD problem recognizes that climate change is an interesting challenge. It is scary and massive and apocalyptic, and its attendant disasters (especially hurricanes, wildfires, and floods) make for good TV. But the policies that will address climate change do not pack the same punch. They are technical and technocratic and quite often dull. At the very least, they will never be as immediate as climate change itself.