Note — Sep 15, 2019

Hidden Cities

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Super interesting reflection by Nadia Eghbal on how surges of people and general overcrowding affect offline and online communities. (Found a couple of places, including Tom and Brendan’s Networked Communities blogchain.)

Blasting a fragile ecosystem with a firehose of outsiders, even if they have good intentions, can destroy its essence. […]

One tweet, post, or article from someone with a big enough audience is like sunlight on a magnifying glass, concentrating screaming hordes of people onto a single, unsuspecting point that spontaneously combusts into flames. I can’t quite blame some communities for wanting to avoid press, even good press. […]

I don’t want to suggest that we should resist change entirely. I do think we can be thoughtful about the rate of change that we introduce. I also think it’s a choice, rather than an inevitability, to drop bombs that throw an entire ecosystem off-balance.