Note — Feb 03, 2019

A High Five that Can’t Land

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Charlie Loyd beautifully weaving together stories about a bridge in Oakland, the Shinkansen to Hokkaido, tunnels, cement, Nagasaki, the Eameses, and Earthrise, into a tale about (some) hope and raising your hand towards it.

[I]t points to the idea of using public resources in a way that will matter on a timescale beyond political cycles. […]

If you could dust for intellectual fingerprints, you could place [Philip Morrison] at the Exploratorium, the Planetary Society, the Kepler mission, Carl Sagan’s work, the SETI League, and many of the other institutions that do the most to leaven American life. Over all of these is a negative triumph: “no third bomb”. […]

We can’t step out of it. And it’s not a time, an age that will end (as some people seem to really believe) when the last of the Boomers die. It can’t be cleanly cut away from the tunnels and photos. It’s culture, and we will have to change it while we’re inside it. Whoever makes it through the next few generations and ends up in whatever safer home we build there, whether it’s powered by fusion or sails, will have made it by raising one hand for a high five before the other one is ready.