Note — Nov 18, 2018

How Do You Use the Internet Mindfully?

Excellent lineup of collaborators for this book. A bit surprised I didn’t know about The Creative Independent (which is published by Kickstarter??), “A growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people.” Lots of stuff to browse through, beyond the book.

More than ever, creative people find their attention pulled in many directions by digital and networked technologies. Staying up-to-date and responsive to so many forms of online communication often feels mandatory in order to keep working. But, it can be both exhausting and dispiriting to build a creative practice while “extremely online.” With this compilation of essays produced in collaboration with, the platform for connecting ideas, we asked artists to share their approaches to using the internet more mindfully and creatively.

And from the intro to the book, on the Blog.

Ideas are intersections between ourselves and something else, whether that’s a book, a conversation with a friend, or the subtle suggestion of a tree. Ideas can literally arise out of clouds (if we are looking at them). That is to say: ideas, like consciousness itself, are emergent properties, and thinking might be more participation than it is production. […]

Each encounter with the sprawling, extravagant intelligence of the human network is revelatory in its own way.