Note — May 15, 2022

An Innovative Report on Old Technologies

Nicolas Nova interviews Kris De Decker on the thinking and history behind Low-Tech Magazine. If you enjoyed last week’s look at Luddites and why I keep being interested in that word, this is a good follow up, with an actual practice of considering technology, older solutions, appropriateness, repair, and maintenance.

If you read books about technology, you quickly realise that the introduction generally deals with their history from the 20th century on, as if nothing happened before. But of course humans have been around for much longer, always inventing things ! Looking at a wider historical context, you notice very different patterns and you come to very different conclusions. […]

The problem with concepts like de-production, degrowth and low-tech though is you could basically define them as ‘how to kill the economic system.’ Obviously, this is a very political stance that scares lots of people. […]

Every new article is just a step in the thinking process, and feedback in the form of comments makes the article almost immediately obsolete. So, really, it’s a continuous project and a project of the commons. There’s so much knowledge in the feedback, it’s never-ending.