Note — Jan 13, 2019

Inside Shenzhen’s Race to Outdo Silicon Valley

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An Xiao Mina and Jan Chipchase with some of the history of Shenzhen, its current transition to more design and consultancy, “China as a service,” the human toll of decades of rapid change, the hurdles of political restrictions, and exporting the model to Africa.

Moving beyond its reputation for developing cheap rip-offs of other people’s ideas, it’s become more of a hub that connects innovation, manufacturing, and knowledge all over the world. […]

“I think the real hero of the story is the small-scale businesses in Accra, in Lagos, in Nairobi, in Shenzhen, reaching out across to each other and building things they think have value for their own people.” […]

“Products made in Shenzhen have a hundred percent Chinese DNA and a hundred percent Western DNA. A hundred percent Western because, even if they’re made in China, they are consumed by the world.”