Note — Feb 02, 2020

The Internet’s Impact on Culture

Throwing this one in because I think it’s an interesting line of thought, though incomplete. Richard MacManus tries to understand a quote by Marc Andreessen (first below). We’d need to see more details straight from the latter and I’m not sure the former is thinking broadly enough by focusing on music, movie, and book stats but perhaps there’s something to keep digging for in that quote.

“It feels like the internet’s impact on culture is just beginning. A world in which culture is based on the internet, which is what I think is happening, is just the very start. Right, ’cause it had to get universal before it could set the culture.” […]

Online gaming, Virtual Reality experiences, Augmented Reality and similar interactive and immersive technologies are the ones to watch this decade. In large part because they will change not only how we consume content, as streaming has done over the past decade, but the shape of content itself.