Note — Nov 14, 2021

The Internet’s Unkillable App

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Spoiler: it’s email. Good and funny piece by Dave Pell on newsletters. Read it if you don’t understand the draw (which would be weird since you are reading one right now) or if you are a fan of the form. Good insights and context.

A newsletter comes from a single person (or at least many feel like they do), and it lands in your inbox along with messages from your colleagues, your friends, your mom. Good newsletters have a reply-to address as well. You want to reply? Hit reply. And when you do, the conversation becomes one-to-one, not a game of one-upmanship performed for the retweeting masses. […]

Newsletters are patient. I send something to you, and you can read it when you want to and respond (or not) when you want to. You get to absorb and consider the contents of a newsletter without the rest of the internet chiming in, telling you what to think while puking out tweets, replies, posts, comments, photos, videos, news, and memes at a pace that pulverizes human attentional capacity.