Note — Feb 24, 2019

Is the Insect Apocalypse Really Upon Us?

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A… realignment of expectations? By Ed Yong on the recent insect extinction coverage. Basically; we should be worried but it’s probably not as bad as that research everyone was talking about. In large part because we just don’t know enough about insect populations and should invest a lot more in properly knowing what’s going on.

It’s a question that goes beyond the fate of insects: How do we preserve our rapidly changing world when the unknowns are vast and the cost of inaction is potentially high? […]

The sheer diversity of insects makes them, as a group, resilient—but also impossible to fully comprehend. There are more species of ladybugs than mammals, of ants than birds, of weevils than fish. There are probably more species of parasitic wasps than of any other group of animal. In total, about 1 million insect species have been described, and untold millions await discovery.