Note — Feb 07, 2022

Integrated Thinking Environment (ITE) Thread

Just an archived version of a Twitter thread I wrote about my ITE.

1/10 I just sent this to someone by email so I thought I’d also thread the whole thing here. Quick 🧵 of the main tools stack in my Integrated Thinking Environment* (ITE). 🥞 🤓

2/10 General notes and notes meant specifically for the @sentiers website** are taken in @obsdmd: I use @kepano’s fantastic Minimal theme:… (Install it through the Obsidian prefs though, no need for Github.)

3/10 Everything I want to read later I send to Instapaper: Although I plan to switch to Matter: (Which I haven’t done yet because they don't have a browser/desktop app. done!)

4/10 If you’re hooked on a reader app and/or your Kindle, definitely use @readwiseio alongside it: (Even syncs with Obsidian 🎉!)

5/10 I read RSS feeds and “extract” from Twitter lists with Feedly and some Leo (“AI”) training: Welcome to Feedly

6/10 It’s not open to everyone yet but my @waverly_ai “Waves” have been pointing to some interesting nuggets and it's getting better with each release: Waverly

7/10 Things I don’t read in Insta I bookmark in @raindrop_io. (Don’t trust searching for stuff again, store in a smaller haystack, ideally one that archives the content. Fear linkrot! 😉)

8/10 That’s it for now, I've got a few related articles amongst the Sentiers members’ Dispatches (open to everyone) here: Want more details about this practice?

9/10 * I discovered the term Integrated Thinking Environments just yesterday here:… Which I learned about in @EleanorKonik’s essential Obsidian roundup. I use a bunch of other tricks and apps but that’s for a proper article.

10/10 ** The Sentiers website is built with @eleven_ty, which turns an Obsidian Vault into html and tacks on all the bits and pieces around it.

11/10 (I discovered ITE yesterday but obviously it’s a topic I've been thinking about for a while, hat tip 🎩 to @hjarche’s PKM, one of the OGs in the field.)

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