Note — Aug 19, 2018

Japan Begins to Embrace the 100-Year Life

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Although true in some fields, it’s become a tired trope to say the Japan lives in the future. In terms of aging though, they are truly living our future right now, with an aging and shrinking population. This FT piece looks at a book that has had a powerful impact in Japan, moving some discussion from seeing a huge problem, to seeing more of an opportunity.

The book’s blueprint, of people working much later into their lives, remaining in better health, continuing to gain skills and investing for a long stay on earth, had a note of optimism he desperately needed. […]

Key ideas from the 100-Year Life committee included significant improvements in long-term care worker pay, a “drastic expansion of recurrent education” to expand mid-career employment and laying the groundwork for raising employment levels of the elderly.

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