Note — May 26, 2019

Jason Edward Lewis Wants Ethical Artificial Intelligence with an Indigenous Worldview

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It’s on a university website (Concordia’s in Montréal) so there are a lot of mentions of people, departments, and grants but I love this vision of looking at AI from a perspective where humans are not at the center of everything.

The essay argues that Indigenous knowledge systems are much better at accommodating the non-human than Western philosophies, because the Indigenous worldview does not place man at the centre of creation. The writers seek a relationship to non-human intelligences — beyond that of merely tools or slaves — as potential partners who exist in a living system of mutual respect. […]

“This is the essence of Indigenous futurism to me. It’s not just about dreaming about the future, it’s about building the infrastructure to get us to the future we want.” […]

“This is where Indigenous epistemology comes in really well. You’re not treating something respectfully because it has a soul, you are treating it respectfully because it’s one nodal point in a number of different relations that you are enmeshed in.”