Note — Sep 08, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein’s Influence in the Science World Is a Symptom of Larger Problems

As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, this is not really a “beat” I like to cover, but since I’ve featured the Media Lab and Joichi Ito a bunch of times, I feel I had to include something about this crisis the lab is going through. I decided to go with Kate Darling, who’s hopeful and investing herself in change. She also told Nicholas Negroponte to shup up to his face, in public, which takes a lot of guts.

Ultimately, I no longer believe that I can enact true change without the help of powerful allies. In my experience, one of the few people who is even capable of enacting change at MIT is Joi Ito. I hate what he did and I do not defend his actions. But I also know that he may actually act to fix his mistakes. Over the past eight years, I’ve observed him listen, introspect, and take action, even where it would have been easier for him to stay the course. […]

And just as I’m calling on men to do, I want to be here as an ally. I want to stay and use whatever amount of power and privilege I have to fight for those who have less, who are vulnerable and need protection, who are being suppressed and excluded, and who need to be given a voice.

More: Ethan Zuckerman has also taken a strong stance.
Update: This one by Ronan Farrow exploded on the scene after I wrapped this issue up so I’m only adding the link but important: How An Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.