Note — May 19, 2019

Jellyfish Supper Delivered by Drone? Radical Future Predicted for Food

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Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s in the UK commissioned a report which includes some input from futurologists and plant scientists, and “explores what we will be eating and how food will be produced in 2025, 2050 and in 2169.” The latter feels quite far off for this kind of exercise (see first quote), the article does include some interesting shorter term forecasts (second).

Sainsbury’s predicts that by 2169 it could be routine for people to hold details of their nutritional and health information in a personal microchip embedded in their skin, which will trigger an alert to the supermarket. It would then deliver by drone suitable food and drink based on their planned activities for the coming days. […]
Future menus will inevitably feature less meat and dairy, it says. In the shorter-term, the report predicts a quarter of Britons will be vegetarian in 2025 (up from one in eight today) and half flexitarian (up from a fifth today) who eat meat occasionally. The “alternative proteins” market is set to swell by as much as 25% with algae milk predicted to be the next plant milk to take over from nut-based versions.

More: The report itself is here.

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