Note — Mar 14, 2021

Kyle Wiens, Open Sourcing Other People’s Hardware

The founder on iFixit interviewed at MachinePix with some important points on repair, maintenance, and “increasing the overall resiliency of the system.” Before reading it, I thought this one would go in the Asides section and be useful for a few people, but there are just too many good bits in there, I had to swing it into featured articles. (Picking the quotes I wanted to keep, I also noticed Wiens in the last highlighted quote below mirrors one of Chen’s above as well as the whole of the next piece.)

Software complexity feels free, but it’s really not. I have an old truck, big mechanical springs. I just went in and bent it back into shape. Imagine if I had to do that in code. Trying to get into the ECU. We could, if we could access it. Do we have the tools? The compiler? It’s so complex. This is the reaction all the farmers are having to the John Deere controversy. Ok fine, make things more complex, but give us the tools to work with them. […]

The product we are most pissed off at is the AirPods. I think they’re the embodiment of things wrong in the world today. […]

If you think about civilization, we’re scrambling as fast as we can up the mountain of technological progress. We’re hanging on by our hands—the more resilience we have, that’s supports, ropes, safety systems we’re adding. So if TSMC has to shut down a factory, we don’t fall.