Note — Jan 19, 2020

BlackRock C.E.O. Larry Fink: Climate Crisis Will Reshape Finance

Taking these letters with a huge grain of salt and low expectations but, at the very least, even if it ends up being empty handwaving, it shows that the message is coming through enough for them to feel they need to respond. Now, on to actually changing things around yeah?

“Awareness is rapidly changing, and I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance. The evidence on climate risk is compelling investors to reassess core assumptions about modern finance.” […]

“This dynamic will accelerate as the next generation takes the helm of government and business. As trillions of dollars shift to millennials over the next few decades, as they become C.E.O.s and C.I.O.s, as they become the policymakers and heads of state, they will further reshape the world’s approach to sustainability.”

More → Btw, Microsoft came up with a big climate plan… but they won’t stop working with oil companies.