Note — Mar 22, 2020

Leading by Example

Not everyone can do this but I wanted to highlight these two exemplary approaches to dealing with the pandemic as a company.

People First: Wikimedia’s Response to COVID-19

We are guaranteeing all contract and hourly workers full compensation for planned hours worked.

We are waiving all sick days, so staff do not have to count or use PTO.

We have moved to a halftime work expectation. […]

We’re only asking people to commit to working 50 percent of their normal hours. This isn’t a holiday. If people are able to work more normal hours, our mission needs them. But we are not tracking their time.

Important updates for working parents (Basecamp)

So forever how this lasts, for those with kids or other obligations at home (elderly parents, grandparents, at-risk relatives you need to care for, etc), all we ask is that you find a balance that works for you. Whatever works for you works for us. […]

If that means you can only find a few hours a day for work, that’s fine. If some days you simply can’t work, that’s fine too. Just make your best effort and communicate your situation with your team. You’re in charge of your time. […]

Everyone will still be paid their full-time salary, even if they can only put in half-time work. You don’t need to worry about that. Everything’s good there. You’re covered. You don’t need to use up personal days or vacation days. Pressure off.