Note — Sep 11, 2022

Leading with Slow Craft

From the latest issue of the always intriguing Branch magazine, Nate Hill mixes together leadership, craft, nature, paying attention, and more, in a short thesis on why “we all need to slow down, be mindful, truly observe and interrogate natural processes, and then incorporate them into the way we approach everything we do.” (Includes lots of pictures of his art, the making of which brought him to this thinking.)

One of the greatest challenges our planet is faced with is that much of the human species somehow believes they are separate from, superior to, or not part of the natural world, and that these systems are somehow manipulable by us rather than a complex, balanced set of rules that we all must respect, listen to, and work within. Slowness helps me to listen. It helps me understand my own place, and it shows me what I can influence and what I should allow to influence me. […]

As a leader at the helm of a nonprofit organization, observing natural processes gives me inspiration and guidance as I consider organizational structure, the sustainability and growth of new or existing program areas, and the speed and priorities at which different tasks should be done.