Note — Sep 23, 2018

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Some more details and “use cases” on the Chinese surveillance system and their social credit trials. It can be difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to coverage about China but the general direction and end goal seem pretty clear. Also, for a lot of these stories, don’t read them as indictments of China (not that all’s fine, far from it) but as signs of where things might be going everywhere else soon after.

When social credit is fully implemented, what she puts into the trolley could impact her social score. Buying too much alcohol might suggest dependence; she’ll lose a couple of points. But buying a pack of nappies might suggest responsibility; she’ll gain a few points. […]

Who your friends and family are will affect your score. If your best friend or your dad says something negative about the government, you’ll lose points too. […]

Already, about 10 million people have been punished in the trial areas of social credit.

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