Note — Jan 19, 2020

Let’s All Read More Fiction

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Just a very short piece announcing that The Atlantic will publish more fiction. Their reasons for it and these couple of quotes are worth a look.

Contemplative reading might be viewed as a minor act of rebellion in the internet age. At a time when every available surface is saturated in information, it sometimes seems as though facts are absorbed osmotically, even accidentally, just by moving through space and time. And although the internet is not the perfect opposite of the novel, as some people have argued, it makes fairly efficient work of splintering attention and devouring time. Literary reading—of fiction and of poetry, the kind of reading that commands moral and emotional reflection—is far too easily set aside. […]

[Alice Munro:] “A story is not a path you traverse, but a large house to explore. After you inhabit a story for a while, and you peer through the windows of that house, the world outside looks different.”