Note — Mar 07, 2021

The Little Magazine that Incubated Team Biden

Once again, somewhat randomly, the last featured article falls into the “research labs / think tanks / fellowships” grouping. I’m sure there are a number of issues with who has access, who gets published, etc. But for the model and the framing, I love it. Maybe this is what Sentiers looks like in a couple of years, except not for politicians? 😉 (Via Bruno Boutot.)

It has only 500 subscribers. And yet Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, a 15-year-old quarterly run by a three-person staff out of a small office blocks from the White House, may be one of the most influential publications of the post-Trump era. […]

[T]he magazine, which published its first issue in 2006, was conceived as an “R. & D. skunk-works of ideas.”