Note — Jun 30, 2019

Living in Space

I rarely feature Twitter threads as articles but this one by Hugh Howey is really excellent and is pretty much his draft for an upcoming post. Lots to ponder in here on the reasons for our dreams of living in space, who dreams them, and what we could actually do. Ends on a very hopeful note for Earth. Good to be hopeful once in a while.

(B) Science would be better served (humanity as well) by solving energy and fresh water problems here on Earth. We could invest in clean energy and desalination and turn the Sahara back into grasslands and flood parched India for what we’ll spend on toys for boys. […]

Generation ships are the purest form of colonizing. They will not be built anywhere NEAR Mars. They will be built in Earth orbit, or in orbit around the Moon, closer to our sources of industry and in the absence of gravity.

Meanwhile, on Earth, within 100 years, we will have declining world populations. People will continue streaming into cities, leaving nature to re-wild. Synthetic meat and growing veganism will accelerate the already declining use of pasture.