Note — May 11, 2022

Lore Reading List

For the moment, just a list of articles taken from the Twitter thread linked above, eventually to be split up into more notes but I haven’t started diving into this yet and wanted to have some “presence” amongst the rest for my searches and such.

From the first article below:

For decades, researchers have studied how online communities form shared identities and beliefs. But what about shared memories? This series explores Lore: the new modes of self-mythologization developed within network media, and the forms of history and canon stored within media artifacts that online groups produce. The memes we encounter on clearnet feeds are usually parts of larger stories, stemming from semi-private sites more conducive to worldbuilding. The affordances of different types of online space change how information is produced, circulated, and remembered across platforms. What happens when platforms enable the archival of information? What happens when they encourage collective experiences versus personal, inward-facing ones?

The way we remember the events that happen on the internet is different than reading a book. Information circulates and gets stored in a way that incorporates personal narratives as documentation, combining textuality with elements of oral storytelling. Bits of text and image serve as artifacts that help piece together complex narratives. The Lore Zone seeks to help us all understand new interesting ways of reading, writing, and remembering the internet.

The Lore Zone — Memes → Memories → Micro-Mythologies
Lands of Lorecraft - by Venkatesh Rao - Ribbonfarm Studio
Eight Qualities of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
How to DAO 201: Onboarding as Wayfinding — Cabin
How to DAO 401: DAO Community Leadership — Cabin
Our Decentralized Selves: Creating in a Post-Identity Future – ZORA ZINE
Inventories, Not Identities. Why multisigs are the future of online… | by Kei Kreutler | GnosisDAO
A Prehistory of DAOs — gnosis guild 🪐
First primitives and lore
The garden of forking memes: how digital media distorts our sense of time
“Blessed by the algorithm”: Theistic conceptions of artificial intelligence in online discourse | SpringerLink
A Slice of Life in My Virtual Community - Cyborg Anthropology
Re-Thinking Creative Agency: An Interview with Wassim Alsindi | Berlin Art Link
Scale and Space Decay
The Internet Was Once Flat. No Longer. - by Alex Kantrowitz
Social Objects: Notes on Knitting in America
Secrets about People: A Short and Dangerous Introduction to René Girard – Welcome to Dancoland
Scissor Labels — John Palmer
IMI - The End Of Modernity
Corteiz Goods - by Ana Andjelic - The Sociology of Business
136 :: Craving Canon - thejaymo