Note — May 16, 2021

Manufacturing mRNA Vaccines Is Surprisingly Straightforward

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Cory Doctorow looks at some of the incredibly unequal access to vaccines between rich and poor countries, and the nefarious influence of Bill Gates’ monopolist-king “philosophy.” However, his article is centered on a peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Advanced Manufacturing and Processing which includes some astonishing numbers on how (relatively) cheap and easy it would be to scale mRNA manufacturing capacity globally. Makes this fact even clearer: capitalists (and us by letting them go) are letting people die for the sake of the mighty dollar.

Gates’s core belief is that everything can be improved by converting it to a form of property, and then allowing the super-intelligent latent god-kings among us to monopolize it. […]

New facilities will be 99–99.9% smaller than conventional vaccine facilities. They will be 95–99.7% cheaper than conventional vaccine facilities. You could use a single room in a conventional vaccine factory to make more vaccine doses of mRNA vaccines than the entire output of the rest of the factory. New vaccines can be made 1,000% faster than previous vaccines […]

The Cuban state — like the American state — has contributed significantly to that science, but with a key difference: the dividends from those contributions are part of our common scientific heritage. That’s what real “philanthropy” is — not enclosing the commons on behalf of a monopolist who needs to be bribed to spare his neighbors from civilizational collapse.