Note — Apr 07, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Speak for the Internet

The Zuck again being anti open-web by asking for regulation of the internet for problems his platform is experiencing / is responsible for / is fucking up people and politics with. Good list of how his view is flawed.

[W]hile the free and open Internet has never been fully free or open, at root, the Internet still represents and embodies an extraordinary idea: that anyone with a computing device can connect with the world, anonymously or not, to tell their story, organize, educate, and learn. […]

If governments and regulators want to explore new rules for the Internet, Mark Zuckerberg is the last person they should ask for advice. Instead, they should talk to users, small innovators and platforms, engineers (including the people who built the Internet), civil society, educators, activists, and journalists – all of whom depend on robust protections for both privacy and the freedom to express and communicate without running through a gauntlet of gatekeepers.

On the completely other end of the technologist spectrum, a short interview with the much more sensible Dr. Yoshua Bengio.

“A teacher who spends every day teaching a machine about the world resonated with me,” he said. “Science fiction was a way to dream about the future.” […]

“It wasn’t just some mathy thing or computer science, but about understanding human intelligence to build intelligent machines.”