Note — Oct 24, 2021

The Metaverse Is Bad

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Yes, another piece about the metaverse, no this time it’s not the crypto one. This time it’s the blandest metaverse and the zuckerverse (roughly the same thing). Some good angles from Ian Bogost, and worth a read for what he has to say about “meta,” and for the last quote below, which he doesn’t present as such, but that I basically interpret as ‘the Metaverse is to Zuck what Mars is to Musk.’ (I.e. dreams of grandeur, escape, and control.)

Going meta short-circuited the need to contend with meaning in the first place, replacing it with a tower of deferred meanings, each one-upping the last’s claim to prominence. Memes meme memes, then appear on T-shirts, then recur as Instagrammed latte art. […]

A metaverse is a universe, but better. More superior. An überversum for an übermench. The metaverse, the superman, the private vessel of trillionaire intergalactic escape, the ark on the dark sea of ice melt: To abandon a real and present life for a hypothetical new one means giving up on everything else in the hopes of saving oneself