Note — Aug 09, 2020

I Am a Model and I Know That Artificial Intelligence Will Eventually Take My Job

The growing use of CGI and AI models in the fashion business, what it means for human models, and the potential problems with the authenticity of the ideas and politics hidden behind the made-up faces.

Impressive stuff, but there’s one thing that’s keeping real-life me at ease: Miquela, like Shudu, is a computer-generated image (CGI), not artificial intelligence (A.I.). That means that Miquela and Shudu can’t actually do anything on their own. They can’t think or learn or offer posing variations independently. But that won’t be the case for much longer. […]

A point of tension that is emerging with CGI models is that their creators aren’t just designing them as avatars, but also giving them entire backstories, personalities, and causes to champion. Take Blawko, a digital male model and self-proclaimed “sex symbol” with tattoos and a sarcastic sense of humor.