Note — Jan 27, 2019

More than Human Centered Design

A rare combination here by Anab Jain, calling for design that considers not only humans but our relationships with nature, and the emerging “non-human entities, increasingly autonomous things and system.” Also have a look for Superflux’s ‘Mitigation of Shock’ installation.

I considered a “more-than-human” centred approach. Where humans beings are not at the centre of the universe and the centre of everything. Where we consider ourselves as deeply entangled in relationships with other species and non-human entities. […]

I want to conclude with a call to arms, a call to closely consider our relationships (both human and non-human) with the world within which we live and work. A call to consider ourselves in relationship with, not as masters of, the deeper ecology around and within us. And to embody this in our actions. I will leave you with this quote by the 16th century philosopher Miyamoto Musashi: Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.