Note — Apr 14, 2019

Muse: Designing a Studio for Ideas

I’m always writing about, or alluding to, the “crazy” or “red string” walls for thinking through things so this concept for an app that would be a “studio for ideas” appeals to me a lot, and I tend to like the implementation. I haven’t spent much time considering options so I’d be happy to read more and your comments on this. (I do wish they had a longer narrated demo in addition of all these short snippets.)

Creativity is about making connections. This seems to demand a freeform, fluid space where creative fodder can be mixed together and sorted to the user’s liking. So why are freeform environments so rare in digital workspaces? […]

The studio is a place to collect raw material as input to your thinking. This means everything together, with no media silos. If you get a critical mass of documents into the studio, connections will naturally form. These connections produce new ideas that can be captured in the studio—a virtuous cycle producing yet more fodder for generation of future ideas.