Note — Nov 14, 2021

My Ongoing Slow Journey to Web3

This loooong (and still growing) thread by Venkatesh Rao took me a while to read through, packed with links as it is. I haven’t read that much about Web3 so take this rating for what it is, but so far it’s the best explanation I’ve read and the first one that has me thinking “I should have a look at all of this” instead of “ouch, I’m getting tired just thinking of figuring this stuff out.” Linked above is the blogish Threaderapp version, here’s the actual thread which is more legible in a number of places.

  1. Wallets
  2. “Sites” you can visit with them
  3. Blockchain pointing to everybody and everything forever
  4. Content-centric network. […]

An interesting coinage I've heard a few times, though by no means dominant, is "pluriverse" (compare with metaverse and Mastodon's fediverse). I like it. Metaverse suggests top-down. Fediverse suggests a federation of traditional org types. Pluriverse suggests chaotic-diversity.