Note — Nov 01, 2020

What Necromancers in Space Can Teach Us About the Science of Death

Starting from Tamsyn Muir’s Locked Tomb Trilogy (I’ve only read, and loved, Gideon the Ninth so far), Maddie Stone with a fun (!) look at the adjacency, especially in Medieval times, of necromancy and science. (Also good as a teaser for the series.)

Do science and necromancy actually have anything in common? After consulting with several medieval historians of death and the occult, I’ve concluded the answer is yes. Necromancy is not science, but the two have had some uncanny run-ins throughout history. […]

In the Middle Ages, the boundaries between natural philosophy, the medieval forerunner to modern science, and the supernatural were more porous than they are today; both were considered legitimate realms of knowledge that an educated person (typically a member of the clergy) might pursue.”