Note — Feb 24, 2019

Netflix Is the Most Intoxicating Portal to Planet Earth

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Original take on Netflix by Farhad Manjoo, on how the company invests massively on content in various countries and then uses the series and movies across the world, not just in each country, and not simply pushing US content everywhere. The idea that they algorithmically broaden our horizons is also interesting though likely somewhat rose tinted.

Virtually alone among tech and media companies, Netflix intends to ride a new kind of open-border digital cosmopolitanism to the bank. […]

“What we’re learning is that people have very diverse and eclectic tastes, and if you provide them with the world’s stories, they will be really adventurous, and they will find something unexpected.” […]

Because it is spending so much on shows from everywhere, Netflix has an incentive to get the biggest bang for its buck by pushing them widely across its user base. Its algorithms are tuned toward expanding your interests rather than narrowing them.