Note — Apr 21, 2019

New Ways of Seeing

On BBC Radio 4, “a four-part series authored by journalist and artist James Bridle examining how technology is changing visual culture.” The first episode features artists Hito Steyerl, Ingrid Burrington, Trevor Paglen, Olia Lialina, Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev. Threads the usual paths of this group (infrastructure, invisitibility, power, surveillance) but very good nonetheless for anyone interested in these topics and a good intro if you aren’t yet.

The microwaves I was following, carrying billions of pounds every day, passed, through two huge dishes atop Hillingdon hospital, a pioneering sixties National Health Center suffering, like much of the NHS, from a shortfall in funding. For a rent of few thousand pounds a year, the machinery of private finance, perches atop the crumbling infrastructure of the welfare state. All that money, flowing invisibly just a few meters above the patients inside. This is how a difference in visibility, translates into a difference in power. Those who can see can understand and thus shape and direct the world in their advantage.