Note — Nov 03, 2019

No.101 Asides

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I haven’t been able to have a thorough look at this yet but the list of contributors in the Some Thoughts publication is just a bit insane so download it asap!

We asked contributors for a short, standalone description of an idea, policy, strategy, or best practice that might expand this conversation about cities. The people we asked met three basic criteria: a) people that have shown an interest in contributing to the discussion b) people that have a history of participating in public discourse and c) people with an explicit mission of inclusivity in their work. This list of contributors is not comprehensive or complete.

Another must download: “In Data Voids: Where Missing Data Can Easily Be Exploited, Michael Golebiewski of Microsoft teams up with danah boyd (Microsoft Research; Data & Society) to demonstrate how data voids are exploited by manipulators eager to expose people to problematic content including falsehoods, misinformation, and disinformation.”