Note — Feb 09, 2020

No.112 Asides

  • Tintin, under-appreciated dresser. “Reading this, I also realized that, although I doubt he would have read the magazine, Tintin would have been right at home in many a Monocle fashion spread.” (Yes, I’m quoting myself at Kottke dot org.)
  • The Long Time. “[Legacy Stance:] This work goes beyond just empathising with past and future generations and is about how we build our desire and agency to leave a positive legacy. It can involve looking back to what our ancestors gave us and forward to the world we want to leave as good ancestors ourselves.”
  • How Medieval Manuscript Makers Experimented with Graphic Design “Medieval craftspeople left us few records of their own thought processes, so we often need to use our own terms when we try to reconstruct them. The term ‘design’ brings to light aspects of the thoughtfulness and ingenuity behind medieval manuscripts and artifacts which we might otherwise miss.” (Via Hewn.)
  • 📚 🎥 The Booksellers. Trailer for the upcoming documentary. “The people that I see reading actual books in the subway are mostly in their twenties, it’s one of the few encouraging things you will ever see int he subway.”
  • 👀 🇳🇱 Welfare surveillance system violates human rights, Dutch court rules. “A Dutch court has ordered the immediate halt of an automated surveillance system for detecting welfare fraud because it violates human rights … The case was seen as an important legal challenge to the controversial but growing use by governments around the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and risk modelling in administering welfare benefits and other core services.”
  • 💩 What a complete arsehole. Amazon Wanted Some Tax Breaks. “Maybe when you’re at the rocket-billionaire level you go around thinking ‘why does the other rocket billionaire get more tax incentives than I do?’”
  • 💩 🚗 Speaking of arseholes. Tesla remotely disables Autopilot on used Model S after it was sold. “The company now claims that the owner of the car, who purchased it from a third-party dealer — a dealer who bought it at an auction held by Tesla itself — “did not pay” for the features and therefore is not eligible to use them.”
  • 💻 Twitter shares soar after reporting strong user numbers and miss on earnings. The interesting bit: I don’t fear any slowness as we work to distribute our workforce now, and I do think we have to build a company that’s not entirely dependent on San Francisco, as we look forward we’re reaching a talent pool that expects a lot more remote work, … we should be building our company around that.”