Note — Mar 15, 2020

No.117 Asides

  • 💻 We’re Not Prepared for the End of Moore’s Law. “[T]he trade-off is that specialized chips are less versatile than traditional CPUs. Thompson is concerned that chips for more general computing are becoming a backwater, slowing ‘the overall pace of computer improvement.’”
  • 🗞 Op-ed: What ‘Death of the Newspaper’ stories leave out. “The basic value proposition still holds: people need to know what’s going on in their communities. They require credible, accurate and objective information that can inform their daily lives, and they’re willing to pay for it.”
  • 🍄 These Researchers Want You to Live In a Fungus Megastructure. “We propose to develop a structural substrate by using live fungal mycelium, fungal buildings will self-grow, build, and repair themselves.”
  • 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2020. One example; Tiny AI. “But a countertrend of tiny AI is changing that. Tech giants and academic researchers are working on new algorithms to shrink existing deep-learning models without losing their capabilities. Meanwhile, an emerging generation of specialized AI chips promises to pack more computational power into tighter physical spaces, and train and run AI on far less energy.”
  • I’d never heard of this wearables project, slick. Jacquard by Google. “Jacquard takes ordinary, familiar objects and enhances them with new digital abilities and experiences, while remaining true to their original purpose — like being your favorite jacket, backpack or a pair of shoes that you love to wear.”
  • 📔 Newton Papers : Newton’s Waste Book. All the high res scanned pages and includes a nice short documentary. “The ‘Waste Book’ was not retired by Newton after his initial mathematical labours. He continued to use it extensively for calculations and rough working on the topics that concerned him most. Thus, in the 1680s or perhaps even the 1690s, he set down information about the motion of comets in this manuscript.”
  • 📚This is exactly one kind of simple thing which should continue after. Quarantine Book Club. “Join your favorite authors on Zoom where you can have spirited discussions from the privacy of our own quarantined space!”
  • Escape Into Cottagecore, Calming Ethos for Our Febrile Moment. “Take modern escapist fantasies like tiny homes, voluntary simplicity, forest bathing and screen-free childhoods, then place them inside a delicate, moss-filled terrarium, and the result will look a lot like cottagecore.”