Note — Jun 07, 2020

No.129 Asides

  • 🔓 🥦 Dispatch 08 — Digital Gardens. The latest Sentiers members’ Dispatch, unlocked for everyone.
  • We Have a Rare Opportunity to Create a Stronger, More Equitable Society. “Whereas politicians have been focusing on how to distribute an ‘economic stimulus’ plan, this debate is insufficient because it focuses only on restoring prior income. Instead, a more resilient future requires an integration of the different dimensions of inequality that are intimately connected but often ‘invisible.’”
  • 🎥 Explores the past, present and future of design brand Braun. “The conversation probed the history of German design brand Braun, its current products and its vision for the future, as well investigating how design has responded to societal upheavals in the past and how it can continue to do so.” (Via Mark Storm.)
  • 👀 📌 High-tech redlining: How AI upgrades institutional racism. “in the age of Big Data, employment, insurance, and loan applications are increasingly being evaluated by data mining models that are not as overt but may be even more pernicious than color-coded maps, because they are not limited by geographic boundaries, and because their inner workings are often hidden.” (Via Alexandra D-S.)
  • 🇩🇰 🕶 🤔 Explore the Faroe Islands Virtually Through the Eyes of a Local. “Through any mobile device, virtual visitors can control the local tour guide directing them to turn, walk or run in any direction (provided it is safe) like a video game. The locals broadcast the video stream from the camera attached to a helmet giving viewers the perspective of being there themselves.”
  • 🤬 🇷🇺 Arctic Circle Oil Spill Creates State of Emergency in Russia. “The spill resulted in 20,000 tons of diesel oil leaking into a river in the Arctic Circle. The company responsible, Norilsk Nickel, is suggesting the spill may have been caused by thawing permafrost that damaged an oil storage tank.”