Note — Jun 28, 2020

No.132 Asides

  • 👁 PRIMER 2020 on Vimeo. “These are a series of interviews conducted with workshop facilitators and keynotes about their talks/workshop and practice. The conference span[ned] six days sharing diverse perspectives, imagining alternative paths, and challenging ourselves to enable more equitable futures through the further democratization of the tools for building them.”
  • 🤩 🇬🇧 Vast neolithic circle of deep shafts found near Stonehenge. “The size of the shafts and circuit surrounding Durrington Walls is currently unique. It demonstrates the significance of Durrington Walls Henge, the complexity of the monumental structures within the Stonehenge landscape, and the capacity and desire of Neolithic communities to record their cosmological belief systems in ways, and at a scale, that we had never previously anticipated.”
  • 🚲 🇫🇷 Paris Is Plotting a Greener, Slower Beltway. “Parking spaces would be cut in half, and the city’s new temporary cycle lanes and pedestrian streets — introduced to help manage the coronavirus crisis — would be made permanent. …now proposing to slash speed limits on the Périphérique to a mere 50 k/ph”
  • 🇬🇧 Cross-party group urges chancellor to consider four-day week for UK. “Work patterns have already been dramatically altered as a result of the pandemic and we believe the time is now right to explore putting a four-day, 30-hour working week (or any equivalent variation) front and centre – including protections for those on low incomes – as the country unites behind building back better out of this crisis.”
  • 🐍 🛢 AI Snake Oil by the students in Design Investigations at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. “As Artificial Intelligence seeps into products and services, from retail to healthcare, we critically ask ourselves, are any of these claims of AI overblown? Is the hype and half-baked software often a new form of Snake Oil? On the other hand, AI Snake Oil offers a bridge between speculation, research, and end-use, allowing designers to freely come up with, and engage others with the possibilities of AI.”
  • ⭐️ 🍎 Heck of a 🧵 by Steven Sinofsky (formerly of Microsoft) on excellence in planning and execution at Apple. Amidst all the details, installing pre-release, and commentary (including my own) I want to take a moment to reflect on WWDC putting it in context of the past two decades. Quite simply, what we’re seeing is some of the most remarkable product engineering over time in history.
  • Coronavirus: Wildlife scientists examine the great ‘human pause’. “The UK-led team’s aim is to study what they have called the ‘anthropause’ - the global-scale, temporary slowdown in human activity, which is likely to have a profound impact on other species.”
  • Where Will We Pee When We’re Out in Our Half-Reopened States? “Sure, you can wash your hands, and little walled bathroom stalls are useful as a blockade for disease-carrying respiratory droplets. But they are small enclosed rooms with high-touch surfaces like flush handles, door locks, and knobs, and sink faucets. Standing at a potentially crowded row of sinks while everyone washes their hands for 20 seconds undoes the safety precautions of social distancing.”