Note — Jul 19, 2020

No.135 Asides

  • I've already seen it shared a few places but I like so to make sure you’ve seen it too: WindowSwap lets you “[o]pen a new window somewhere in the world.” Try to get to Simone’s window in Villongo, Italy for some peace and a gorgeous view.
  • 🌍 I haven’t read From Rationality to Relationality: Ubuntu as an Ethical and Human Rights Framework for Artificial Intelligence Governance by Sabelo Mhlambi yet but it looks fascinating.
  • 👏🏼 👩🏻‍⚕️ 🎥 A Brief but Spectacular take on reimagining the doctor’s visit “Studies show that health outcomes are worse for poorer Americans, but pediatrician Lucy Marcil is one doctor who is trying to change that. Marcil integrates free tax and financial services into her clinical care as a way to improve patients’ overall health — and finds that doing so builds better relationships.”
  • 😍 🐠 Incredible images of a great variety of sea creatures. Coldwater.Science. “The World Ocean is as close as you can get to outer space without leaving Earth. It’s an entirely different universe, nothing like the life we have on land. And while people dream about alien life forms from other planets, there is another universe right here, closer than anyone expects.” (Via Kristoffer.)
  • 🇨🇳 Linkin Park T-Shirts Are All the Rage in China. “Copying is a practiced art form in Guangdong’s factories. Many counterfeit products are the result of “third-shift piracy,” in which the manufacturer commissioned by a client claims to be working two shifts in a day, but then tacks on a third to make extra product, without the client knowing. Now this manufacturer can sell its extra product in unregulated marketplaces within China without giving any share of its profits to the original client—all with a patina of legality because the manufacturer is the licensed contractor.” (Via Third Wave Berlin’s Telegram.)
  • 📚 ‘Ready Player Two’ Sets November Publishing Date. “[P]art of the challenge was penning a story that was truly a book followup, rather than a sequel to the Spielberg film.”
  • 🚄 🇯🇵Japan launches new Shinkansen bullet train. “It’s also fitted with lithium-ion battery self-propulsion system — the first of its kind in the world. This system allows the train to run for a short distance on its own during a power outage and will make it possible for it to move to a safer location at low speed if stranded in a high-risk area — on a bridge or in a tunnel, for example — during an earthquake.”
  • 😳 🇨🇳 Incredible city along a canyon in Yanjingzhen, Yunnan Province, China.