Note — Aug 16, 2020

No.137 Asides

  • 🇭🇰 🐠 3D Printed Terra Cotta Tiles Are Helping Restore Coral Habitat. “a clever solution to help reverse some of the coral die off. Using 3D printed terra cotta, the team was able to create large, interlocking tiles, printed with a unique pattern that mimics some of the natural coral growth. The micro texture of the terra cotta, as well as its ocean-safe makeup, make it a uniquely suited medium for scientists to employ.”
  • 🍄 Testing Chernobyl fungi as a radiation shield for astronauts. “In this new effort, the researchers have built on research that showed some kinds of fungus are able to flourish in a very highly radioactive place here on Earth—inside the destroyed reactors at the Chernobyl site in Ukraine. Testing of several types of the fungus has showed that they not only survive in the former reactors, but actually flourish.” (Via nothing here)
  • Fortnite Creator Sues Apple and Google After Ban From App Stores. “Then Epic rolled out a sophisticated public-relations campaign that depicted Apple, one of the industry’s most image-conscious companies, as the stodgy old guard trying to stifle the upstart. To do so, it used Apple’s own imagery against it, mimicking Apple’s iconic ‘1984’ ad from its own fight against IBM 36 years ago. ”
  • 👀 A Surveillance Standoff Over ‘Smart’ Streetlights. “The pilot was extended into a full-fledged program in 2018. Under a $30 million contract, GE retrofitted 14,000 of the city’s 60,000 streetlights with LEDs, and placed sophisticated sensors on 3,200 of them — including small nodes that captured video.”
  • 🖥 Nvidia in Advanced Talks to Buy SoftBank’s Chip Company Arm. “Nvidia is the largest maker of graphics processors and it’s spreading the use of the gaming component into new areas such as artificial intelligence processing in data centers and self-driving cars. Marrying its own capabilities with central processor units designed by Arm may enable it to take on Intel and Advanced Micro Devices in a more comprehensive way, according to Rosenblatt Securities analyst Hans Mosesmann. He estimates Nvidia would have to pay about $55 billion for Arm.”
  • 🖥 Fairchild, Fairchildren, and the Family Tree of Silicon Valley. “Other Fairchildren produced IC chips and technologies that enabled new communications, computing, and consumer products and, in turn, spun-off companies to exploit them. The best of them grew and thrived in the heady atmosphere of Silicon Valley where employee stock options played an important role in individual motivation, encouraging risk taking and creating, in some cases, substantial personal wealth. Some of the most successful semiconductor companies shown on the tree include AMD, Altera, LSI Logic, National Semiconductor, and SanDisk.”
  • 🇲🇺 🛢 🤬 Devastating Oil Spill is Wreaking Havoc on Pristine Mauritius. “The tanker is carrying over 4,000 tons of oil, and new photos show the extensive damage the oil is doing. Hundreds of local volunteers are scrambling to contain as much of the oil as they can, using whatever resources they can find, even hand-sewing oil booms filled with straw.”