Note — Oct 11, 2020

No.145 Asides

  • 🛠 Making a New Reality Toolkit Provides Resources for Boosting Equity in Emerging Media. “…around three key targets for action: things that each of us can do to increase equity in emerging media, ways that institutions can pitch in, and systemic interventions — which require collaboration across institutions, sectors, and governments. For each of these sections, we did original research to add resources designed to help readers get a better grasp on each recommendation, and find ways to move forward.”
  • 🇳🇱 🇫🇮 Amsterdam and Helsinki launch algorithm registries to bring transparency to public deployments of AI. “Each algorithm cited in the registry lists datasets used to train a model, a description of how an algorithm is used, how humans utilize the prediction, and how algorithms were assessed for potential bias or risks. The registry also provides citizens a way to give feedback on algorithms their local government uses and the name, city department, and contact information for the person responsible for the responsible deployment of a particular algorithm. A complete algorithmic registry can empower citizens and give them a way to evaluate, examine, or question governments’ applications of AI.”
  • 🇭🇰 🌳 I had no idea! Seeking Nature and Solitude in Crowded Hong Kong. “Despite being one of the densest cities on Earth, Hong Kong boasts a remarkable amount of green space. Roughly three-quarters of the city’s 1,100-square-kilometer territory (or 425 square miles) is natural landscape — from rocky coastlines and beaches to forested hillsides and mountains. About 40% of it is protected in vast “country parks” that are easily accessible from around the city, and woven together with more than 530 kilometers of paths, trails and hiking routes.”
  • 🏚 Very interesting series with typical homes from various countries. Iconic Home Floor Plans Reveal Urban History. “To understand a city, start with the foundation. Floor plans from homes around the world explain how the way we live has shaped the design and architecture of urban neighborhoods — and vice versa.” (Via Dan Hill.)
  • 🇪🇬 Egypt archaeologists discover 59 sealed coffins buried 2,500 years ago. “The coffins, sealed more than 2,500 years ago, date back to the Late Period of ancient Egypt, from about the sixth or seventh century BC, the minister added. Excavations in Saqqara have in recent years unearthed troves of artefacts as well as mummified snakes, birds, scarab beetles and other animals.”
  • 🇨🇳 China’s biggest-ever solar power plant goes live. “The solar power station, a collaboration between Chinese renewable technology company Sungrow and state-owned utility Huanghe Hydropower Development, is part of the Communist Party’s plan to create a “supergrid” that will transfer wind, solar and hydro energy from the country’s west to its far denser east.”
  • 🇺🇸 💨 ☀️ Clean energy group NextEra surpasses ExxonMobil in market cap. “NextEra’s ascent and ExxonMobil’s decline reflect a collapse in oil consumption in the pandemic, the rise of renewable resources on the electric grid and investors’ desire for steady returns at a time of low interest rates.”